Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Renovating Log Cabins At The Jasper Park Lodge

renovating log cabin

Located in the heart of Jasper National Park nestled on the shores of Lac Beauvert, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is deeply embedded within western Canada’s history.

It began as a tent city in 1915 in association with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway but was taken over in 1921 by Canadian National Railways at which time 8 log cabins were built and it was officially opened as The Jasper Park Lodge.

Expansion continued with the addition of more log cabins, a main lodge that at the time was touted as the largest single-storey log structure in the world, and a world class golf course.

During the 40’s and 50’s most of the original log cabins were replaced and tragically in July of 1952 the original lodge was lost to fire but re-built by the following year. Through the 60’s and 70’s new suites were added to the resort as well as tennis courts, an outdoor heated swimming pool and a golf club house.

Fast forward to 2012 and the log cabins at the resort are in need of a little TLC. Enter Sitka Log Homes. It has been our pleasure to work on updating and replacing some of the log work on these historic cabins after all these years. Great care has been taken to match the original log work thereby allowing the rustic charm of the cabins and resort to continue…and if we have to endure staying in a 4 star resort surrounded by breath-taking scenery and incredible nature, well, so be it. We do what we have to do! :)

View from Jasper Park Lodge
Elk at Jasper Park Lodge
Sitka Log Homes renovation cabins
Sitka Log Homes renovation
Renovation by Sitka Log Homes
Sitka Log Homes replaces old logs on cabin


Herb said...

Looks good. I am pleased there are people trying to preserve these structures.
Herb said...

Good job! Looking really good. I know that log home restoration may be considered as the biggest challenge and largest expense for log home owners. Considering the fact that wood is a natural material in your log houses, it has to be preserved at regular intervals in order to prevent your finish from failing and possibly getting rot fungus leading to untold damage to your property.

Canada Log Homes said...

I am aware that if you're a log home owner, you have in mind the substances that can become a concern on the physical appearance of your logs. Making certain you carefully strip, stain, check out the logs for rot and make use of a shielding stain helps keep your log houses looking like new.