Friday, February 13, 2009

What’s so great about building during a recession?

I know, I know...we are being bombarded by all the recession talk out there. Unfortunately it is a fact of life for so many of us now. Like it or not.

The log and timber home industry here in BC has been feeling the effects for over a year already.

This may be bad news for our building industry but if you are in the market for a new log home or timber frame home it is great news to you.

Times like these tend to weed out the weaker companies that you may not want to encounter leaving behind only those companies that are stable and have proven their worth over time.

The price of lumber has dropped considerably, there is an abundance of labour out there, all building trades are anxious to negotiate with you and the selection of available trades is better than ever. Contractors and builders are definitely more responsive in this market. Take advantage of all of this!

I know from the email we get that there are many out there who have been planning and saving for their dream log home for quite a while now. What a great opportunity for you at this time. You not only get the best value for your money, you’re also in control of attaining the best quality.

See! There is a positive perspective to all the bleak recession talk.