Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hybrid Log Homes

What is a hybrid home? Simply put, it is a house made of different kinds of building styles or materials. In the case of a hybrid log home or timber frame home, it is usually a mix of regular 2 by 4 framing and log or timber accents. It may be a regular framed home with timber trusses and posts incorporated. Wood accent pieces can be built into the design of your new home or they can be added to an existing home that you would like to update.
Log and timber frame accent pieces can include structural and/or non-structural log trusses, posts, rafters, floor joists, log siding, stairs, purlins, structural decks, handrails, mantles...and the list goes on.
Sitka Log Homes has provided the wood accents for various renovations of older tired looking homes that are transformed with amazing results after adding the log or timber accent pieces.

Existing buildings with log and timber accents added
Recently there has been a noticeable trend towards incorporating log or timber accents into the design of new homes. In this way people can enjoy the rustic feel of log and timber in their home without having a full log home. The contrast between regular frame walls and the wood pieces is usually dramatic. Often a home finished with log siding looks to most people like a full log home…until they go in and see the inside walls are drywall.

Log siding on outside of regular framed home with log accents
The home featured on the cover of Log Home Living (October 2008 issue) is a hybrid log home that Sitka Log Homes provided the log work for. It was designed by AllenGuerra Design Build of Colorado.

Click here for more pictures of this home.


Anonymous said...

hadncrafted log homes really are unique and has the original touch of a creative hand of a carver. which takes patience and pation of carvings thats why some are called highbrid log homes

Australia Home Designs said...

The photos presented look great. The new homes. Adding the log or timber accent pieces really helps to transform the old tires looking homes into amazing and innovative homes.

Cross Laminated Timber CLT said...

Now I know that employing a combination of materials and building styles is referred to as "hybrid" and is often done to achieve a particular design look. Many clients enjoy the flexibility in design that a hybrid style home allows.

Top Quality Logs said...

They have been around for centuries and recently it is good to know that people are making use of timber frame to make their houses environment-friendly. These houses are relatively strong and can last for an entire lifetime if they are properly maintained and preserved.

Canada Homes said...

It is best to find a company that is flexible in their manufacturing so as to accommodate the creativity of your design. Providing your designer with a broad palette of materials including log, timber, framing, glass, stone, steel and other materials creates more opportunity for a unique and creative custom home.