Friday, May 2, 2008

Building Your Log Home - Watch Each Step

You have your final log home plans submitted to Sitka Log Homes and your handcrafted log house is ready to be built. This is an exciting time…it’s finally happening. The trouble is you live in New Zealand (or the US, or Europe, or Australia, or Asia…) and your log home is being built in 100 Mile House, BC Canada. Each day you are curious to see how it is coming together and you wish you could pop in and watch the process.
We understand this and so we have developed a web page for your new log house project.
It is a separate page just for your viewing, and anyone else you would like to share the address with. Friends and family are always anxious to see what your new log house will look like too.
Every few days Sitka Log Homes will take some photos of your log house under construction and post them on your site. This way you will always know what stage your log home is at and can follow its growth.

To view an example, here is a link to one customer’s page:
Customer Web Page

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