Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Log Home Design - Before you begin

The property you will build on very often determines what your design layout will be. The size of the lot, the grade, if there is a view you want to take advantage of, etc, all of these aspects effect what your design will be in the end. This is where you should begin.

Realistic budgets are your next step. Be sure you do your homework regarding your expected costs. We can give you a cost estimate on the log work that we will supply for your log home, but that price is only for the log package. Sitka Log Homes can supply door and window packages as well as some roof packages with the log work if you require that service.

Be prepared by having a few general contractors supply estimates with break-downs on the finishing of your home.

Will you hire an architect or use our in house design service?

Either way we will work closely with everyone involved in the exchanging of ideas resulting in a unique log home as well as ensuring a design that will work.

Sample plans are offered as a starting point for you, as well as something for you to obtain a price on to help give you an idea of the costs involved.

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